Troubled Sleep - Jean-Paul Sartre, Gerard Hopkins

 In light of what has occurred here in Boston and in Texas in the past week, this book has some shocking revelations about the American culture and how we perceive the world around us. After all this time, we are still the same, even as things of the same traumatic devastation happen in our own backyard. In a few weeks, we will be, "back to normal".

As I read into the first 40 (+) pages, the author's perceptions, ideas and feeling of how American's live, think and exist, is pouring so profusely out of the main character's mind and mouth. I can only sit in horror at the truth of it all.

 I am uncertain if, I'm reading a work of fiction at all.

None the less. I am hooked and find the writing refreshing, engaging and the characters, entertaining and already teaming with depth.